A long time ago, I started Ferrari-architecture with one idea in mind – wait, that’s not true, I actually bought the domain with no idea in mind at all.

I knew I loved Ferrari’s, and I knew I liked to hear myself talk (maybe that’s why I became a lawyer in real life) – but, that was about it. In the beginning I was writing articles strictly about Ferrari’s. Anything from reviews of different Ferrari’s, news on the company, etc etc. But after a while even my love for the best cars in the world wasn’t enough to keep creating content for.

So, I started to branch out a bit. First just to other car brands, then to auto insurance, repair, shopping and more. What I discovered was that despite the huge amount of material on these subjects available on the internet, most of it was meant simply to trick readers into buying stuff! Now, that just didn’t sit right with me. So, I began to write more and more.

Contained on this site are articles about subjects which would typically be used for persuading visitors to do one thing or another. Instead, I simply write my honest opinion about different subjects – with the hope that my opinions and experiences may be of use to whoever happens to find my site.

Whether you’re looking for advice, or just clicking around on the internet, I sincerely hope the articles on this site can be of use to you.

About Me

aboutmeThis site isn’t really about me, so I’ll keep it brief. As of the time of this writing, I am 57 years old, I have a wonderful wife and five (five?? when did that happen?) mostly-grown children. I first fell in love with Ferrari’s when I was 19. I still vividly remember watching a Ferrari pull into the gas station where I was working at the gas station. The deep thrumming of the engine, the bright signature red paint job – and the man who was lucky enough to drive it. From that point onward, it became one of my life goals to attain a Ferrari. As of 11 years ago, I can proudly say that I have achieved that goal – turns out being a successful Insurance Agent has it perks.

Although this site has and probably always will be a side project, it’s brought me a lot of joy to be able to share my opinions and experiences in the auto world to countless people.

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