The Meaning Behind Ferrari’s Logo: Prancing Horses and a Need for Speed

A silhouette of a prancing black horse on a field of canary yellow. The green, the white and the red colors of Italy atop its head. Put it all on red background. Alas, there’s only one thing you can think of, and it’s all about fast, luxurious and stylish cars made by none other than Enzo Ferrari. While Ferrari’s logo of the prancing war horse has been attributed to speed and elegance, how is it that just by looking at its emblem does one easily relate it to luxury cars?

It’s all about the careful development of the logo as well as the branding that the experts at Ferrari focused on.

ferrari logo

At a time when marketing strategies have started to take control on how well products were sold, Ferrari has learned to adapt to the trend and made a logo that will be immortalized in the automotive scene. The history of how Ferrari chosen a prancing horse is already a legend in its own right. Plus, the fact that the quality of work and the luxury it entailed as a company is already stamped through the minds of all car enthusiasts. Ferrari all but added the principles of logo design to further build up its commanding branding.

Then again, for one to fully appreciate how Ferrari developed its banners, you first should understand the principles behind logo making. Realize how big companies, even smaller ones, maintain their consumerism just by simply improving their branding. Think about it – how can we subconsciously relate FedEx’s logo to transfer of almost any stuff, accuracy in directions and simplicity of service just by looking at it. How about how Lego can almost always remind you of your childhood just by seeing a very childish and playful choice of text?

ferrari show room

Logo design principles are more so important to rising businesses. See how companies that of Shop Wise and Turn use the technique of using words and play it with graphics to entice customers because of its sheer sleekness. You can also use the nature of your company to invite people in trusting your product: like how RedInk, a company providing house and land packages in Perth, Australia establish emphasis on how people in Perth commonly used red ink to highlight their choices in paid classified ads.

As you move along in understanding Ferrari’s prancing horse, first take note of how a logo is made.

The Main Principles of Logo Design
The first thing you need to know is that logos are symbols. As symbols, company logos should tell people how your company could mean to them, or what how you want your company to the whole world. Understanding your company’s value and importance to customers and prospects can help you identify and pinpoint exactly what your company stands for – or should stand for. If you’re not sure, you always have to ask yourself over and over to completely know and believe why your company is better than any of the competitors.

popular logos

Depending on your product or service, your competitive advantage might be authentic and antique craftsmanship, viability and attention to detail, or health and safety. Your unique selling proposition could be power and speed, precision and efficiency, or intelligence and innovation. It could be one of millions of other characteristics that are worth buying. However, it is of high importance for you to realize that what you choose should be important to your prospects and customers, not just to you and your personal agenda.

In designing your logo, the first thing you have to take note of is keeping it simple. The best logos are the ones that give customers an immediate and clear sense of your company, and it comes best when presented clean and uncluttered. Of course, there is the ever-nifty concept of less is more, arguing that simplicity is always more impacting.

The next thing you have to do is to make sure that your logo is memorable. The concept is quite tied up with the idea of simplicity, that since your logo is simple and impactful, it should be memorable. Also, you have to take note that in business, people will have less time to look carefully into a product’s branding and logo. You only have a few seconds to send the message across and make your logo stick. A logo that is too complex, or too cluttered, has multiple extra parts or completely overdone and over-designed may be too difficult for viewers to comprehend; ergo, logos like these are easily dismissed.

Furthermore, you have to consider how to make your logo design as “timeless” as it could get. You can say that your logo is modern from time to time, or it goes with the trend. However, the best logos are always immortal and can continue to please customer with just a few tweaks as it stands true to its message over the years.

Now that you have the important takeaways of the guiding principles of logo designing, you can now take a look and study Ferrari’s legendary logo.

The Prancing Horse and Ferrari’s Legacy
If you want to know about the blunt origin of Ferrari’s logo, hear it from Enzo Ferrari ( himself:

“The horse was painted on the fuselage of the fighter plane of Francesco Baracca — a heroic airman of the First World War. In ’23, I met count Enrico Baracca, the hero’s father, and then his mother, Countess Paulina, who said to me one day, ‘Ferrari, put my son’s prancing horse on your cars. It will bring you good luck’. The horse was, and still is, black, and I added the canary yellow background which is the colour of Modena.”

However, Francesco Baracca being described as a “heroic airman of the first world war” is an understatement: he has a record of 34 total aerial victories, a gold medal of military valor, three silver medals of military valor, the British military cross, and several other award under his belt. The prancing horse, however, is the emblem that Baracca used on his planes which originated from when he was a legendary cavalier in the British cavalry.

francesco Baracca

It’s true that the prancing horse gave Enzo Ferrari his luck, as he and the company continued to carry it through Ferrari’s ups and downs. Then again, its work on the subconscious of the viewers is both simple and elegant: who couldn’t relate to a lively horse showing a fighting and energetic stance. It leaves you with a sense of speed and reliability? When you see a galloping horse, you will almost always connect it to power and superiority. When you see how its mane, tail and physique stand out in obsidian beauty, you will always feel its elegance and glamour.


Never discounting, of course, the canary yellow that almost always relate to Modena, Italy, especially when you put the Italian flag’s colors (green, white and red) above it. Ferrari’s logo brings about the idea of speed, superiority, elegance, luxury all tied to hints of home and sovereignty of Italy. When everything else is put on a Ferrari-red background, all you can think of is the crimson empire of glamorous cars as swift and as glorious as the Italian cavalry.

In basic terms, Ferrari’s logo is a collection of concepts that lets a viewer’s mind to always relay the emblem to the product’s speed, glamour and dominance over the car-making industry.

ferrari wheel

With the message all strewn up, what Ferrari needs to do now is to maintain their quality of work, and the brand of car manufacturing that they were always known for. Ferrari still makes their red cars sleek and swift. Ferrari still makes their cars of superior quality to compensate for its high price ceiling. Ferrari still makes their cars sleek and alluring with top-of-the-shelf designing.

When all’s said and done, Ferrari still makes their cars really good; so good you’ll always buy a Ferrari sticker to paste in front of your non-Ferrari car, hoping you’ll be successful enough to own one someday.

How Automobile Rental Services Can Supplement Your Business

You may not feel it right now, but the automobile rental service (ARS) industry has an immense effect in the corporate world. Think about this: you’re a businessman with an expanding enterprise, and your work will require you to go to another country and meet with different people to further establish your business. Of course, it’s never practical for a busy entrepreneur to constantly commute through taxis, or buy yourself a new car in every country you travel to just for comfort.

This is where automobile rental services come in. This ingenious servicing system provides comfort, flexibility and sustainability to businessmen on the go. If you are a traveling entrepreneur, you can find absolute comfort in navigating in and out of a country under the services of Hertz.

There is a big chance that you haven’t encountered it (or you probably have never really thought about it), but there exists numerous service providers of leasing heavy equipment as well. When you start venturing out into the world construction, you might probably need heavy equipment like tractors, excavators or track loaders. This business need could mean an impending doom to you and to your business since you’re starting on relatively lower funds.

Automobile Rental Services to the Rescue!

An example of an iRent Rental Car

With ARS, your business can still be on track. When your first construction project comes in, get a hold of Bobcat rental services, and enjoy a more flexible equipment management and financial terms thanks to the practicality of their heavy equipment rentals.

There are more ways automobile rental services can affect the growth of different industries, and it is clearly something that you have to look into to win in the game of business life.

Why Rent if I Can Just Buy or Take a Cab?

A man handing a woman keys to a rental car.

Car rental service is a definitely a revolutionary step in the business world. It provides a lot of benefits for a lot of people – be it an adventurous traveler to a loaded businessman. Not to mention its viability as a good business on its own. It opens more opportunities to entrepreneurs from different industries to experience better transportation with comfort and affordability.

When you travel to another country, whether for leisure or for business, it is more convenient to rent a car because of the freedom it provide in terms of coming and going as desired. Also, public transportations can be too much of a hassle during time-critical engagements. There is also an underlying question of security when taking public transportation which is pretty important for traveling businessmen.

Often times, a good number of professionals prefers renting a vehicle instead of using a personal car for a meeting with customers and clients. When you talk about business meetings where “first impressions last” and the mind games of power-play ( come into the table, you almost always want to have the upper hand. Whether a client needs to be picked up from the airport or a group needs to be taken out to dinner, you can use a classy dolled up SUV or sedan to project an excellent professional image.

A professional driving a car.

Even when you don’t travel, car rental services are also beneficial. For instance, when a special occasion or an important business event arises, it’s totally nifty to have a car available anytime you want. Personal occasions, such as anniversaries or birthdays, can also present a justifiable opportunity to rent a new car. For a lot of people, it’s much more fun, more comfortable, and a lot more extravagant to go out to dinner or take a weekend trip in a luxury sedan or sleek convertible than in the regular family minivan.

For long-distance trips, a rented vehicle can give you great savings – especially in fuel costs – more so when the person’s own vehicle is an older model with poor gas mileage. As a general rule of thumb, newer models of cars are more fuel-efficient as compared to older models. Since majority of car rental agencies provide newer models (because they have to be ahead of the competition and the quality they provide must always be top-shelf), they always see to it that their rental cars are maintained in excellent condition.

Similarly, it is important to take note that mileage takes a significant toll on the vehicle. No one can deny that long-distance driving is hard on any kind of vehicle. For this reason, some travelers find it preferable to just rent a car for long distance trips and save the wear and tear on their own vehicles.

A hologram-like car lineup.

For those who don’t mind about mileage and can still take their car all the same, the vehicle may just not be big enough. Rental cars have a wide range of choices when you’re considering the seating capacity. Capable of carrying four, five, seven, nine, or even 15 passengers, rented vehicles can handle the demands of different groups.

Furthermore, cars and vans are not the only automobiles available at rental services. Full-sized pickup trucks can be rented as well. Camping, fishing, and tailgating are all great reasons to rent a truck for a weekend trip for the family or for a group of friends. Though many people don’t own trucks, almost everyone needs to haul large items – a sofa, a gas range or large-scale tents – from time to time. The rental cost of a truck is usually less than the delivery fee charged by some businesses. Plus, payment terms may be more flexible.

What Else can I Rent?

Almost any land vehicle can be rented now, especially utilitarian vehicles. Heavy equipment rental services are quite handy these days, especially in situations when your growing business requires an immediate Bobcat rental for a sudden construction problem that needs urgent solutions.

A compilation of construction items.

The question is, why would you prefer renting heavy equipment than buying them? What was the thought process or the opportunity forecast that heavy equipment rental companies considered when they conceived their business?

Rental services for heavy equipment provide far less overhead cost for businesses which is definitely good for any growing enterprise. Not only can you reduce your overall costing by diminishing overhead cost, you also have no maintenance cost since taking care of the heavy equipment is in the hands of the rental service provider.

Renting heavy equipment is also the fail-safe option for short term projects since you never really invest on high-cost gears for small-scale projects.

Customer service is also deciding factor quality since most rental companies have their own support team. They usually include emergency onsite repair and service technicians for all kinds of machinery, ready in any call of duty.

Furthermore, like in car rental services, rented heavy equipment are assured of quality since most service providers only have the latest models of vehicles (and regularly maintained) in store.
You also have access to a wide range of equipment so you can pick the right tool for the job. Maybe you can buy a perceived one-size-fits-all excavator for your construction firm, but it can be too big or too small a scale for your client’s needs. Resorting to heavy equipment rental service can provide a wide spectrum of business equipment for you to choose from.

With all things said and done, car rental services and heavy equipment rental services are only the start of what the automobile rental industry has to offer.

Star Power – How Many Stars Does Onstar Deserve?

Times are changing. Physical distances are no longer difficult to converse over due to the rise of more widespread communication tools. Exact locations can be pinpointed and narrowed down with a touch of a button. Online connectivity can run uninterrupted due to 24-7 mobile hotspots.

It’s really quite surprising how these technologies have evolved from mere ideas and concepts on paper, to actual running systems in the digital age.


Packing up all these advancements into one sweet bundle, Onstar has long reigned as one of the leading innovators in the automotive industry. They have merged luxurious mobility with life-changing functionality. However, are all the features offered by GM subsidiary highly beneficial, or are the add-ons in their grandiose vehicles just plain unnecessary?

With technology continuously picking up the pace in solving modern human’s increasing problems, Onstar is right in the thick of things. Then again, are these “life-saving” features totally worth it, or are they starting to lose their power over the techie car enthusiasts?

The Company

To know the value of Onstar, it’s imperative to know exactly what it is and what it offers.

Onstar is an auxiliary company of General Motors that provides navigational functionality, extended connectivity, and emergency assist to drivers and passengers while also allowing them to enjoy the comfort of their plush vehicles – like upgraded seat covers from Shear Comfort, or a purified air device from Phillips. Since the launch of the first OnStar units on a number of 1977 Cadillac models, the products and services have evolved into a multi-layered system that makes GM stand out among the crowd. Exclusive to GM vehicles (i.e. GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Pontiac, and Buick, to name a few), Onstar’s innovative automotive capabilities are triggered with a push of a button from the customized rear view mirror.

In spite of the exclusivity of Onstar’s services to General Motors, the subsidiary corporation launched a stand-alone product that could similarly provide its basic practical services to other non-GM automotive brands. During the heyday of the stand-alone Onstar device, it was available in different local electronics shops and car accessories stores. It was a plug-and-play device that served as a mobile phone and emergency alert system to any vehicle it was attached to.

The Features

The company is currently expanding the overall functionality of their automotive add-on features in line with the growing demands of the target market. One of their first offerings that brought the company into the spotlight is their navigational capability.

The turn-by-turn navigation features of Onstar provides, as the name implies, directional assistance every “turn” of the way. The feature uses the GPS system integrated in the vehicle to know the location of the vehicle in relation to the rest of the world. To cut a long story short, it’s practically similar to Google Maps with the help of either an automated guide saying the next direction, or a live person giving instructions along the way.

parts of a car

In spite of the emergence of mobile phones, Onstar still offers the use of their hands-free calling system. This feature allows the driver to speak over the phone hands (and earphone) free. Though practically all mobile phones can be turned into a “hands-free” communication device, the Onstar calling system generates a more widespread connectivity as compared to local mobile service provider. Then again, in order to utilize this function, hands-free calling minutes must be purchased first. Otherwise, the built-in mobile service cannot be used.

GM vehicles can now be a mobile hotspot with Onstar’s 4G LTE Wifi. This add-on takes the mobile experience to a whole new level. Converting the car as a hotspot comes with a powerful 4G LTE connectivity. Since practically all engagements (personal and professional) are tied up with the internet, the ability to be online while on the go is great with keeping with the technological requirements of the century. Similar to any other mobile internet plan, connections are limited to the plan’s maximum capacity, unless the driver (and usually the passengers) need more data. Luckily, all you have to do is press the Onstar button to purchase more.

The vehicle diagnostics report is a nifty function for GM vehicles. It provides a comprehensive report about the car to make sure the vehicle is a well-oiled machine. Any systemic disruption, such as low tire pressure, busted lights, and horn malfunction, trigger a warning message to alert the driver that something needs to be checked before using the car. Also, any important car performance reading (such as mileage and oil consumption) can be determined for review and verification. To add more convenience, a comprehensive report can be requested from a live specialist who can be contacted over the Onstar system.

Among all features, the automatic crash response is one of the most sought after function of Onstar. It is a proprietary function that may very well be the one thing that could save lives. This function is triggered by pressing the red emergency button on the rear view mirror. This sets off an alarm for the Onstar emergency team to communicate to the driver, determine the exact assistance needed, and even help determine the car’s whereabouts (through GPS).

Onstar also offers roadside assistance. In case of a flat tire, empty tank or busted engine part, Onstar can send a roadside assistance team to provide what is needed. Towing service can also be arranged in case of a serious incident. Nonetheless, the support the company provides extends to whatever specific situation the driver gets into.

roadside assistance

Taking advantage of the GPS system of the vehicle, Onstar also has marked a milestone in car security technology with their partner vehicles. Their stolen vehicle assistance can lead to finding the location of any stolen Onstar-equipped vehicle. Since the system is wired in every part of the car, an emergency system shutdown can be triggered once an auto theft getaway is on the run. This unique feature may be used seldom, however, in dire situations, it can mean the apprehension of muggers and the retrieval of the vehicle.

The Pros

Without a doubt, Onstar’s safety and security features are invaluable to motorists, especially with the current road and traffic conditions. A lot of people would see the feature as a “nice to have” add-on. However, those who are given a second chance with life because of Onstar say that the features are must have in all of their vehicles. The bottom line is that the emergency features have an impacting effect to millions of subscribers, and it serves as one of the most powerful unique selling propositions of the company.

Also, the stolen vehicle assistance feature is a unique add-on to consider when purchasing a GM vehicle. It gives peace of mind the motorist as it almost always can guarantee the retrieval of any stolen vehicle (given that the car was not totaled or scrapped). The feature may even stop the theft of vehicles in the first place. It is one of the things that no other brand of cars can have, giving GMC, and its brand of automobile cohorts, a glaring advantage over other competitors.

vehicle diagnostics

Another feature worth having is the vehicle diagnostics report. For the type of car owner who treat their car like a child, it is important to them to know what’s going on with their “child” on a regular basis. The monthly report of the car’s external and internal status is the guardian angel of car enthusiasts. Also, an on-demand report can be very handy to those who need a quick check-up of the vehicle before hitting the road. This saves a lot of time and money as compared to going to car specialty shops and getting a comprehensive diagnostics on the car. This feature is a stand out feature of Onstar.

The Cons

Onstar’s track record of providing a helping hand during emergency situations is remarkable. However, some features seem unnecessary as compared to the other services.

The hands-free calling system and mobile hotspot functionality are services that are already available for everyone with their mobile phones. These features may be promising during the earlier years of the 21st century. However, mobile hotspot devices, tablets, and smartphones have been advancing almost every month. Their functions are increasing to the point of rendering the Onstar features unnecessary in comparison. Plus, hands-free calling minutes and data are more expensive than phone and internet time provided by mobile phone service providers. Furthermore, the minutes and data expire within a certain period. These concerns raise convenience and value for money issues from customers.

The turn by turn navigation system is starting (if not already) to become less and less convenient and reliable with the emergence of more powerful mobile applications. These applications can provide the same function offered by Onstar, and more. Plus, relying directions to third-party individuals who are not on the same road may cause a lot of discrepancies and inconvenience to all concerned. As compared to using a mobile app, there is less hassle and reaction time is faster since the driver is already seeing where he or she is. Add in the power of Google Maps, the navigation system of Onstar may just be kept a backup when everything else fails.

Overall, Onstar is a reliable add-on to a good car. The bulk of their offered services are worth having. On the other hand, some of the features may as well be left alone to lessen any unnecessary inconvenience and cost. At the end of the day, features are only as good as how the users utilize them to their advantage.

5 Incredible New Cars – From Eco-Friendly to Flying Cars


During the 80’s, when people were highly creative with their new wave songs and multi-colored spandex, they brought about various predictions that would shock the reality of the 21st century. The ideas ranged from self-tying shoes and floating personal transportation, to individually-owned rocket booster packs and nuclear-powered vacuum cleaners.

It was even declared that helicopters will be the most common personal transportation of the “futuristic” decade.

future helicopter

Today, cars still reign as the most common transportation in the world. Helicopter may have been a cool way to get around. However, the unending supply of new ideas is now catching up with the olden predictions. Technology is making sure that the new always would come in to replace the old.

New types of cars are being developed non-stop throughout the years. Some of the documented and highly publicized successful predictions are on point. Some are still being developed. Some still needs a few more years until fruition. However, the dawn of cognitive thinking has brought about the emergence of unique innovations for the new generation to travel onto.

Hop on and check out the latest, the craziest and the wildest cars conceived by the 21st century man.

>Go Green

Environmental impact has been a growing consideration in the development of various technological advancements of the 21st century. Transportation technology is among the widely checked science of the modern society. Since more and more vehicles are being created every day, the assembly line requires an overhaul.

This is when the ingenuity of the Filipinos comes into the picture.

bamboo car

A professor in the University of the Philippines has developed a fully functioning and practically 100% eco-friendly bamboo car! Professor Benjamin Mangubat is the mastermind behind the Bangkarwayan, one of the first organic vehicles in the world.

The Bangkarwayan is designed to be able to travel on land and in water. This innovative vehicle is the automotive child of a car and a boat, or bangka in Filipino. Made from bamboo, or kawayan, the amphibious car boasts of an ergonomic design and unique energy system – it runs on solar power and wind energy. Talk about using renewable energy sources.

Aside the Bangkarwayan, another Filipino stands out among the world leaders of design and innovation. The internationally known and multi-awarded furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue is the master of the Phoenix – a sleek 3-wheeled car made of bamboo.

phoenix bamboo

The Phoenix has a more modern, more compact look as compared to the Bangkarwayan, but both cars are equally dynamic, eco-friendly and highly innovative. According to the team behind the creation of the Phoenix, the vehicle can be assembled within 2 weeks. Plus, it is customizable, giving a personal touch to the new spearhead of the modern road.

Inspired by the ethnic background of the inventor, the Bankarwayan and the Phoenix are the pioneering designs for a technologically advanced and environmentally adaptive vehicle. Since transportation is a key element to the development of the world itself, cars (and all other vehicles) should be able to grow, improve sustainability, and be the source of solution to all other human needs.

Soar High or Run Low

Being caught in heavy traffic is always a pain. It takes the fun away from driving. All that is left to do is just to go through it and hope for the best. Unless flying is an option.

Terrafugia is a technology leader that wants to merge the love for flying and driving into one futuristic package. They want to “catalyze a revolution in personal mobility”.  The idea seems to be out of this world (for now). However, these future flying cars boast of standard-met safety, unparalleled mobility, and wide-ranged freedom in meeting the needs of regular travel.

flying car

Seeing a “car” with a foldable wing amidst the regular 4-wheeler is a unique and exciting spectacle. According to Terrafugia, the airplane is street-legal, and the development of the actual, working vehicle is the initial milestone to a world where cars “normally” have the option to fly.

jet car

Flying side by side the aerial road, AeroMobil presents the world with their elegantly crafted flying automobiles. The AeroMobil 3.0 is their newest offering that has melded together the science behind cars and aircrafts. Following the overall built of a standard car, the flying car is manufactured using “advanced composite material” that practically makes up the whole vehicle. It even has a built-in parachute system to put a halt to the nagging feeling of possible travel danger. All in all, the features give the strength, safety and power of an aircraft that could fit in suburban homes’ garage.

Gold, Gold, and more Gold

During the previous centuries, cars have been considered a luxury. Today, practically everyone has at least a functioning car. It has become a necessity for productivity and convenience of a modern man.

Anyone can get a functional car for roughly around $2,000. For a fancier and more-interactive road vehicle, it can go around $10,000 to $30,000.  In the growing society of luxury cars and unrelenting demand for car upgrades, the world is now at awe with the bright light of the world’s most expensive cars.

Behold, the leader of the pack – the Dh27m gold Lamborghini.

gold lamborghini

At a whopping $7.4 million, the Dh27m gold Lamborghini is just a thing of beauty (or a bit of crazy). Set by Lamborghini and Robert Gülpen, this golden magnificence is already on the history books as one of the most expensive vehicle up for auction. Good thing its price tag includes a hefty amount bound to charity.

The Dh27m gold Lamborghini definitely looked the part as King Midas’ armrest. However, the V12 engine and its roaring 700bhp can make everyone’s jaw drop in envy. Whoever is lucky enough to get on the driver’s seat, he can get a feel how a wheeled bar of gold could run 100kmph in under 3 seconds.

gold cars

If 2013 was not enough for a grand year of the golden Aventador, Saudi billionaire Turki Bin Abdullah set 2016 as the year of the golden parade. London can now boast as one of Abdullah’s chosen site to exhibit his luxury, gold cars. The parade is at least £1 M strong, showing off a Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe, a Bentley Flying Spur, a Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6, and a Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce – all sporting the trademark opulent brilliance of gold.

Gold may be one of the most valuable materials on earth. However, it has a structural value that is more important than its attractive exterior. Nonetheless, whether these gold cars are sensible or not, it is still a luxurious way to go out for a night on the town, gallivanting on a bright, shiny golden ride.

Sleep While Driving

The imaginative, lazy man in every innovator has showcased life-changing inventions. It could be the most basic tool for everyday use, or the most niche product in improving the creation of antimatter. Bill Gates may definitely be onto something.

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

Hence, the self-driving car set foot into the automobile history.

It may sound a bit farfetched, but self-driving cars has caught up with the realities of the present. Automobile giants like Tesla, Mercedes and BMW have taken the lead in developing, mastering and harnessing the power of car physics as part of their product features.

Not to be outdone, Google steps into the limelight and takes a share of the technology pie. They are now testing their prototype of cars where drivers can do anything other than driving the car itself. California roads may be one of the firsts to get a glimpse of this unique scene.

self driving car

For those who are preparing their checkbooks to buy one of these ingenious products, self-driving car have two types – fully autonomous and semi-autonomous.

A fully autonomous car practically is driver-devoid vehicle in which it can travel from one point to another without almost completely (if not at all) needing any assistance from an operator. This type of driverless car is set to be out within the next three years. On the other hand, the semi-autonomous car has a feature which the driver can opt to set during certain periods in the drive.

Improved road safety is one of the most important benefits of self-driving cars. By the time it becomes a 10-million car strong industry, road accidents might have gone down significantly. However, the fact remains that this technology is at a drastically higher cost compared to the traditional ones.

The ultimate goal of this innovative endeavor is to improve the lives of people while they are on the road. For this to work, cost should have gone down within three to four years time to create a safer road network for all.

Otherwise, all the ideas and prototypes are as good as junk cars.

There is always something new every day. It could be a new gadget, a new medicine or a new way to travel. What matters is the value that the latest improvement has to offer to the society. Innovation should be aimed to further the development of the human race, and create a world worth living in for future innovations and technologies to come.

Otherwise, the futuristic light that might have been cast is all for nought.